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Computer Design

Computer Design

Each part of the 2-stroke cycle can be evaluated and designed with computer software programs. The computer allows us to compare the variables with existing engines. Determine what porting is required for a specific rpm and compression. With experience, and the specifications from the computer, the cuts can be made, to improve airflow, and horsepower, for your specific use.


All cylinder work is smoothed to achieve maximum airflow. A template is used to match each cylinder in an engine and provide consistency between engines. All parts are matched for flow from the Carb Boots to the Exhaust Flanges.

Crankcase Porting

Crankcase is opened up to allow flow from reeds / intake to enter base of transfer ports. This improves bottom end torque and acceleration - reduces bog and hesitation with large carbs. Big help at high altitude, and in deep powder, for snowmobiles.
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