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Computer Programs

Computer Designed Engine Mods

Will It Work?

Is your exhaust port big enough for the pipes at a specific rpm? Is there enough TimeArea (TA) for the compression and rpm? Is there enough BlowDown? (Time between Exhaust port opening and Transfer ports opening.) Is the tuned pipe(s) the right length?

Computer Programs

Here is where the computer is a great tool to help get the variables (size of port & port timing) right for the most power. The computer software calculates TimeArea & BlowDown based on BMEP (See BMEP Page). The software is really a Tool to compare; stock, and highly modded engines, with results from actual dyno runs.

Each part of the 2-stroke cycle can be evaluated and designed. Computer input requirements are indicated for the following software programs:

Exhaust & Transfer Ports - TimeArea & BlowDown TA - Input Required: BMEP & RPM + Degree Wheel requirements.

Degree Wheel - Input Required: Bore, Stroke, Con Rod Length & Piston Pin Offset.

Pipes - Input Required: Exh. & Trans. Port Openings, Degree Wheel Info + RPM & Pipe Temperature.

Heads - Maximum Squish Velocity (MSV) - Input Required: Degree Wheel info + Compression Ratio, Head CC’s, and Squish Band measurements.

Boost Bottle - Input Required: Bore & Stroke, # of Cylinders, RPM that Pipe Starts to Work.

Set Reed Stopper Height & Curve / Radius - Input Required: ALL Measurements from Reed & Cage.

The Computer makes it easy to compare Big Bore variables with existing engines, and find where the limits are, for a specific rpm and compression. Then modify or design a tuned pipe to match the engine.
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