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Port Work Pricing

Prices include: reed mods, piston mods, matching carb boot & exhaust flange(s). Balancing pistons if twin or triple. Cylinder Machining, Reed Spacers & Head Work are extra.

Small cylinders 50cc - 125cc ='s $125.00 to 160.00
Stokers are extra due to lowering the bottom of transfer ports.

200cc's and up $175.00 to $225.00 includes matching PV's.
Cutting PV's for Big Bore is extra.

All big bore port work with plated cylinders is done before the cylinders are plated. Then cleaned after plating. This maintains the warranty from Millennium Technologies, U.S. Chrome, Langcourt Ltd, etc.

Crankcase Porting: Twins ='s $110.00 Triples ='s $165.00
Exception is Rotax Rotary Valve 670 to 670X ='s $150.00
and Arctic Cat 700 Wildcat / ZR ='s $150.00

Piston Window mods available. Your design or ours.

Please contact us for a specific quote on your engine. Racing, or Recreational riding, you choose!

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